New Groups with Elena Lennox

Elena is an accredited Resilience Trainer, Wellbeing Coach and Mental Health First Aid Trainer, well versed in the tools to support and grow healthy minds and healthy people.  B.A., P.G. Certificate in Education,  P.G. Certificate in HR, Cert IV Workplace Trainer, Resilience for Trauma therapist.

Is anxiety sapping your energy and preventing you from doing the things you love? Do you want to get your ‘mojo’ back to build your resilience and improve your performance at work?

Discover the Best You with a range of workshops designed to improve confidence, build emotional intelligence and ‘tame anxiety’.

The ActionPlus toolkit, is designed to show you how to create a personal ‘self care plan’ to encourage new habits and support personal growth. Movement and sound are carefully integrated into this programme to develop new neural pathways and reinforce learning with brain gym and simple Qigong.

The Resilience at Work professional toolkit measures your resilience to leverage your strengths and identify focus areas.

As a teacher and a sports coach Elena’s goal was to motivate her students to grow to their full potential. Rising levels of anxiety in schools meant that Elena’s focus turned to building resilience, improving wellbeing and fitness. Recently she has been working with organisations to create a mentally safe workplace and to improve performance through Resilience Professional Development.

Courses – interactive workshops  60 – 90 minutes    afternoon –  after school – evening

Taming Anxiety                                   six weeks         Teenagers / Adults

Build your Resilience                          six weeks         Teenagers / Adults

Cognitive Development                      four weeks      Adults / Seniors (stay sharp, live longer)

Mental Health First Aid                       two days or blended course online and two half days

Contact or call 046 88 911 00

Outside of work, Elena loves to kayak on the river and run kayaking courses. She is passionate about that mind body connection and believes that regular exercise, meditation and Qigong practise (Energy + Movement) is the secret of a long healthy life.

Elena enjoys a close connection with Aboriginal elders and loves to ‘yarn’ with them and connect to the land. She is keen to support reconciliation and find a way forward to work together to improve outcomes for indigenous peoples. She loves taking groups to special sites to connect and tap into the wonderful energy of ‘country’

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