New Offerings At Warwick Psychological Services

A new wellbeing course from Counsellor Shannon Fraser and Art Therapist Lynsey Baughen

Journey Away From That Toxic Ex
A Course For Reclaiming Yourself After A Break Up

A six week offering to help anyone who feels they may have experienced a toxic relationship.

Open to ages 16 and up. All genders are welcome and it does not matter how long ago the break up happened or the circumstances surrounding the separation, we will endeavour to personalise support.

It’s been so hard…

So you’ve been buying books, listening to podcasts and googling ‘narcissistic abuse’, ‘emotionally unavailable’, ’attachment issues’, ’toxic partners’… And more. 

You have many mixed emotions about what exactly has happened and constant thoughts of why it happened… and cognitive dissonance about what it all means. Your friends and family may be offering you suggestions and ideas of how to get through this tough time, but it seems like no one truly understands your experience.

You’re desperately trying to stay grounded and focused whilst caught in an emotional storm of stress, uncertainty, anger and grief. 

What is going on?

You are potentially feeling the aftermath of a toxic relationship. You may even be someone who is still feeling those effects years on from the initial separation. Perhaps you are blaming yourself for something out of your control at the time? Perhaps you are still stuck trying to decipher the reasons for your ex’s behaviour?

Unfortunately there is only one person who can get through this and improve the situation that’s you.

Trouble is you have been focussing on your ex, maybe their new partner and anyone else your break up may have effected. You have been putting so much effort into focussing outwardly, that you may have lost the ability to look inwardly. When this happens it is likely you are finding it difficult to reconcile a positive sense of yourself and find your true voice amidst the chaos.

If you are ready

Shannon and Lynsey from Warwick Psychological Services have developed a structure to help you work towards reclaiming your identity. They can support you to discover ways to feel more empowered, to form some essential boundaries and to begin to restore your self esteem. The main aim of this course is to shift the your perspective from focusing on what went wrong …to considering what feels right. In turn this may lead you to finally rebalance and find some peace. 

At Warwick Psychological Services; counsellor Shannon Fraser and Art Therapist Lynsey Baughen, are now offering a six week course entitled ‘Journey Away from That Toxic Ex.’

The Course is structured as a series of 1:1 sessions that focus on YOU and your story.

A ‘Toxic Person’ can be defined as anyone whose [purposeful or accidental] behaviour adds anxiety, confusion, negativity and/or upset to your life. 

We know that many times, people who you may look to label as ‘toxic’ are dealing with their own stresses and traumas. 

Yet let’s take the focus off them for a while and help you find yourself by attending to ways to reaffirm your identity and restore a positive and healthy inner voice.

For more information, to receive a brochure or a quote and/or to book, please contact our Front Desk Staff on 046 88 911 00 or at – they will be happy to listen to you and answer any questions you may have

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