Carola Poblete

Carola is a counsellor (registered with the Australian Counselling Association), health and wellbeing coach (registered with the International Coaching Federation), resilience consultant for corporate organisations and a Mental Health First Aid trainer. She is also a qualified yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher.


Her interest in the functioning of the brain and spirituality lead her to study Eastern and Western theories and philosophies and she combines clinical with non-clinical techniques to assist her clients, depending on their needs.

She believes in prevention and early intervention through education to equip individuals by developing self-understanding, building resilience and a sense of fulfilment. She has witnessed this approach foster real human connections, enhance a sense of wellbeing, ease anxiety, broaden people’s capacity for empathy, and allow individuals to practice heartfelt listening, sharing and, hence, improve dramatically their health and relationships at work and home.

She designs and facilitates workshops and seminars in the areas of socio-emotional skills, stress management, deepening relationships and connection, health and wellbeing and women’s empowerment initiatives.

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Carola has experience working with youth and adults with a variety of needs:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Divorce
  • Career advice
  • Sleep disorders
  • Self esteem

She studied at the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Strategic Intervention Institute and Mental Health First Aid Institute. She also has completed professional development training in Positive Psychology coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Trauma Release, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training (300hrs)

Carola has experience delivering emotional regulation, mental wellbeing and personal development workshops for corporate organisations, government and universities; developing and facilitating youth employment programs and working in private practice settings.

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New groups at Warwick Psychology  

This winter, Carola will be offering a variety of individual and group therapy sessions.

Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy – Mondays 6 –  7 pm (from Monday 6 July ) Beginners  / Level 1 class. No flexibility needed 10 pass $120 Drop in $15

Mindfulness and Meditation  – Mondays  7.15 – 8pm (from Monday 6 July) drop in – suggested $10 donation. An ideal continuation to complete your Monday evening straight after Yoga, or as an independent class.

Positive Psychology Coaching – Free Trial : 1hr session (last Saturday of every month – max 4 appointments) (from 27 June)

Energy healing / Reiki – Saturday appointments $70 1hr (from 27 June)

Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy

Mindfulness based yoga therapy combines a unique healing combination of breath, movement, Yoga philosophy, dialogue, along with a sequenced flow and meditation. The focus is not exclusively on the Yoga postures and the class will be tailored to the group or to the individual.  Yoga involves gentle spinal movements that activate the body’s energy and can easily release a person’s physical tension and pain, which then in turn can help release stored emotions.

Mindfulness is a large part of Yoga Therapy as it incorporates awareness of the body’s functions and feelings. Mindfulness helps individuals understand their own thought processes.

Mindful awareness is about being in tune with how one feels and having an awareness of what is going on inside one’s body. With Yoga, meditation and practice we can learn to trust and understand the messages given by our own body. Studies have shown that Mindful Yoga and meditation can affect the cerebral cortex, improving focus and awareness. The cerebral cortex is the centre of the brain that is responsible for impulses, irrational thoughts and behaviours.

The practice of Yoga addresses human suffering and it does it in our most immediate and accessible environment – the body.

Benefits of Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy include:

  • Integration of physical and mental health
  • Acceptance of one’s self and body
  • Enhanced ability to make healthy choices
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Connection to self and others
  • Vitality and engagement in life
  • to regain a sense of comfort and ease,
  • to non-verbally process feelings that transcend language, and
  • to experientially cultivate a friendly relationship with the body, serving as a reminder of their innate resilience.

Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy is an integrative therapy suited to clients wishing to improve:

  • Distress tolerance – staying with a challenging experience without
    becoming overwhelmed
  • Mindful noticing – noticing our physical sensations, emotions and
    thoughts, with an attitude of compassion & acceptance.
  • Emotional regulation – the opportunity to manage changing mood states, by using opportunities to self regulate and self soothe.

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