Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Through partnerships with selected employers, Warwick Psychological Services provides free and confidential counselling as an early intervention approach which helps employees to resolve problems, both work related and non-work related, that may adversely affect their personal and work performance, morale and well-being.

Under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) a full range of external professional counselling services are available free of charge to employees and members of their immediate family (partners and children) by Skype, or in person at our Warwick offices.

To arrange a free consultation, contact Warwick Psychological Services directly on 046 88 911 00, or email admin@wps.support

Warwick Psychological Services only employs highly experienced professionals, so you can be confident that you will receive a high level of service.

Dr Alicia Handley, Paul Ward, Sarah Grey and Michela Cochrane are available for consultations under this scheme.  Click on their name for more details about their experience.

The counselling will seek to address problems that may impinge upon staff well-being or performance, and which may be manifested in forms such as:

* Absence from work

* Stress (work related or personal)

* Anxiety or depression

* Interpersonal conflict

* Coping with change

* Loss of confidence

* Marital/relationship issues

* Family issues

* Substance abuse

* Grief

* Financial problems

* Trauma following a critical incident

* Conflict with family members.

The number of sessions is usually limited to 6 per client per year. The client will be responsible for their own fees after 6 sessions, unless agreed to by the employer.  Medicare rebates are available to help subsidise the cost should more than 6 session be required.

Referrals may be initiated by either by the employee or family member themselves. or at the suggestion of the employee’s supervisor.

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