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Warwick Psychological Services opened on August 5, 2019.  We welcome applications from Allied Health Professionals to work at our new rooms in Warwick.

The Location

The Warwick offices feel secluded and quiet, yet they are on the same block as Warwick Grove Shopping Centre.

Map of Warwick with arrow

Less than 200 metres from Dome, Warwick Movies and a host of lunch options. After that, you can work it off at the bowling alley next door if you feel the need! Parking is abundant and always available.

Room to Grow

The property itself is an impressive size. There is a main Waiting Room, plus an enclosed Waiting Room for children. There are all the amenities you could ask for, with lockable storage freely available for all your equipment and files. The lunchroom is generous, plus the meeting room is more than 30 square metres which will enable you to run groups should you want to broaden your practice.

Layout of practice

As you can see from the layout, there are many offices available. We have assembled a team of professionals with a variety of skills. Formal Group Supervision sessions will run every week. In those sessions you will be able to help and learn from your peers, leading to better client outcomes.

Administration Staff at All Times

Whatever hours you wish to work, there will be a person at reception looking after your clients. In addition to taking bookings and payments, the administration staff will draft a letter for you for every client after session 2, 5 and 9 to ensure compliance with Medicare requirements. The letter will include the client’s details, and the referrers details so all you need to do is add in appropriate details and the letter will be ready to be sent out. Imagine not having to write your own letters anymore!

Receptionist for psychological practice

Training Opportunities and Assessment Best Practice

With access to multiple testing platforms, and free training in their use, you will find yourself with all the evidence you need at your fingertips. Have you ever wanted to do cognitive testing such as the WISC or WAIS series on iPads with automated scoring? No problem! Paul will show you how.

iPad psychological assessment

Administration staff will, whenever you wish, arrange for full online screening tests for adults and children automatically so that you can have a head start with every client. Sending these tests on to your referrers will set you apart and demonstrate that you are working at a higher level. The costs of all these tests are borne by the practice, not you and not your clients, so your clients will really be able to see that they are receiving value for money.

Truly Paperless, You Can Work Anywhere

The practice software is totally paperless and online. As you talk to your clients you can type notes on your tablet, laptop, or even your phone! Wherever you are in the world you will be able to access and work on your diary, your client notes, and anything else such as letters and assessments. Want to know your schedule and change it at any time?  No problem.  Worked on a whiteboard during the session?  Take a photo with your phone or tablet and link it instantly to your notes. Want to add an emergency appointment or book a day off? No waiting for administration to do it… just arrange it yourself if you wish anytime anywhere.


You have access to everything at all times including records of your referrals. The system tells you every session which Medicare or Insurance session number you are up to, so you always know where your client stands. The system also automatically emails and texts your clients to remind them of their appointments and gathers your clients’ responses in real time so that you know where you stand.

But What Will It Cost Me?

You would expect all the above services to be expensive. However, you will be amazed when you find out that you will be paying less for full service at Warwick than anywhere else. On top of that, you will be paid your fees the day following the payment is received by the practice. No waiting until the end of the month, then having to put in a complicated claim. You will be paid Monday’s fees on Tuesday morning and so on. Also, there is no charge for the screening tests that are administered, no charge for NBN WiFi, no charge for anything else! Just bring your computer and phone and we supply everything else.

Paul and Kath discussing mental well-being

What Next?

Call Paul on 0404 816 040 or email

Book a time to come in and have a look around. You won’t regret it.

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