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Fees and Rebates

Most clinicians at WPS are able to provide rebates through the Medicare system.  Most private health funds also provide rebates for a variety of therapies: check with your individual fund.

Clinicians at WPS set their own fees.  Fees range from under $100 to $235, depending on the clinician.  The Medicare rebate applicable for Clinical Pscyhology is $128.40 per 50 minute session, with other rebates available depending on the registration status of the Clinician. Sarah, Chelsea, Hannah and Alice and the team will be happy to help you by explaining the system to you.  Payment can be made at the start of the session by Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS or in cash.  Medicare rebates are processed by us for you automatically on the spot.

Our Clinicians

Our psychologists, social workers, art therapists and counsellors work with a wide variety of clients.  In the past, they have worked in hospital settings, in prisons, in drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, in schools, and of course in private practice.  They have also operated in office environments helping people with career transitions, bullying issues, and the everyday issues that are so common in our lives. See Our People

Our people from a variety of backgrounds
Back row left to right: Shannon, Mark, Hannah, Sarah and Alicia
Front row left to right: Carola and Elena

Our Clients

Around 30% of WPS’s clients are children.  Government agencies and schools refer young people to WPS, and of course parents seek out our assistance directly too.  We employ experts who excel in forming strong working relationships with younger clients, whose parents are often very doubtful that they will ‘open up’ and talk about their issues.

Paul and Kath opening and talking
Paul and Kath discussing lunch options!

Often we will find ourselves playing Jenga, Minecraft, or Nintendo Wii during sessions.  Kids tend to talk as they play.  While they are being distracted by the game, young clients will not generally realise how much they are disclosing, venting and processing.

We would love to hear your story.

What's your story?
Some of the team ready to help and support you
Sarah. Paul, Hannah, Frank and Faith

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