Shannon Fraser

Shannon Fraser is a counsellor and a member of the Australian Counselling Association . She has completed her Undergraduate degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Edith Cowan University and has had training in various  therapeutic approaches.

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Shannon provides a number of evidence-based therapies and guidance to accommodate difficult life situations involving :

  • Family and couples
  • Children and adolescents
  • Senior adults
  • Disability, carers and support workers
  • LGBTQIAPK community
  • Domestic violence survivors and
  • Family Court Proceedings

Shannon has a special interest in sexology which does not just include assisting members of the LGBTQIAPK community, but it explores the basic foundations of human needs, affection, motivations and desires of sexual behaviours , feelings and interactions within our current society across multiple gender identities such as:

  • Couples and marriage
  • Same sex couples
  • Gender and identity confusion
  • Sexual experiences ( and abuse)
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Transgender and transitioning


Shannon also has special interest in women rights and advocacy, for individuals who feel vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community. She uses her empathy and mindfulness skills to approach these areas with a tailored humanistic and person -centered therapy approach to each client, within a safe and comfortable space.
Shannon has experience with working alongside clients to reach their goals to overcome and work through personal issues, such as:

  • Peri-natal and Post-natal Depression
  • Anxiety and Mood disorders (including depression)
  • Self harm
  • Eating disorders and Self esteem
  • PTSD and stress
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Bipolar and Personality disorders
  • Other mental health issues.

Shannon has many years experience working with children and special needs clients through the Department of Education, National Disability Insurance scheme and other supporting agencies.. She also holds her Diploma in Private Investigation Services.


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