‘Soldier On’ and Support for Military and their Families

Warwick Psychological Services recognises the commitment, sacrifice and service shown by our military and their families, both in the past and in the present. We welcome the opportunity to assist this unique client group. The following practitioners offer services in partnership with Soldier On (see https://soldieron.org.au/ )

Mark Walker

Mark is a psychotherapist with a unique background of experience ranging from 22 years service in Defence; 15 years in clinical pastoral work in the public hospital system, state and private schools in WA, and pastoral care and counselling in a range of non-government agencies, including high care facilities. Among his many qualifications, he has a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy from ECU and Master of Defence Studies from the University of Canberra.

Mark works with individuals of all ages, couples and families, and has a special interest in veteran mental health and trauma. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is one of the specialist approaches he uses, a research-based method proven effective with those experiencing depression, PTSD and complex trauma.

Mark is an active community supporter of Soldier On and an advocate and member of the Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club (MBMMC), “Supporting Our Veterans”. See https://wps.support/mark/

Regina Gerlach

Regina Gerlach is a clinical psychologist passionate about working with individuals to guide and assist them in unlocking their inner resources to heal and re-balance themselves and their life after trauma experiences. Trauma experience is often combined with emotions like guilt, shame, anger, anxiety and depression. The mind desperately works to resolve these experiences through thinking, re experiencing, flashbacks and memories. It reinforces emotional reactivity and expresses itself in avoidance, numbness, dissociation and/or overwhelm. And what about the body? All these experiences leave an imprint in our autonomic nervous systems and sensations below awareness become the locum of reinforcement. A trap and vicious cycle that causes disequilibrium and instability. Finding your feet, regulating your experience and finding refuge in the body can be very helpful to create a safe inner space and calm. Gaining equilibrium is not easy, it requires courage and patience, support, love and care. Regina works with an evidence-based mindfulness-integrated CBT, trauma-sensitive mindfulness, and self-compassion focus offered to individuals, couples and also in a group settings. See https://wps.support/rg/

Below: Mark, Regina

Paul Ward

Clinical Psychologist Paul Ward has worked extensively with veterans over the last decade. Since a work placement at the Hollywood Clinic, he has helped Air Force, Army and Special Forces personnel whose service was in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and many other theatres. In 2018. Paul was appointed Location Psychologist by the BBC (UK broadcaster) working on a major documentary in the Kimberley, taking ex-servicemen and women on a transformative adventure through the outback. Paul was selected due to his expertise with PTSD, and experience providing therapy to military personnel. See https://wps.support/without-limits/

Soldier On and Support for Military and their Families

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