Stress Management Workshops

Warwick Psychological Services offer science-backed and evidence-based face-to-face training and development programs for employee well-being, physical and mental health, resilience, wellness and corporate mindfulness. Our programs are designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological well-being of your people.

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From lunch and learn sessions to longer programs to build staff resilience, well-being and mental health in a classroom setting.

Stress Management Workshops

Why support your staff to reduce stress?

Stress is a normal, expected and necessary part of everyday life. The stress response is our in-built performance mechanism and it allows us to get things done but it can become an issue for us when it’s prolonged or excessive.

Workplace stress is now costing Australian employers more than $10 billion per year (The Cost of Workplace Stress in Australia, Medibank Private)

The consequences of excessive workplace stress include:

Decreased productivity
Lack of teamwork
High staff turnover
Dissatisfied customers and clients / loss of profit
Poor health / sick leave

Through our range of experiential workshops we’ll empower your staff to mobilise their inner resources – to improve their health, maximise their performance and build more effective workplace relationships.

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What’s unique about our stress management workshops?

Our workshops are skills-based and highly interactive. We’ll train your staff in practical self-management strategies for minimising stress and maximising personal and professional performance. Your staff will learn how to:

Recognise stress symptoms before they become an issue
Use stress reduction techniques while they work
Think more clearly
Stay calm under pressure, and
Increase team culture and job satisfaction

All our stress management workshops include training in practical stress management techniques and a workbook.

Our stress management workshops are available in 60-minute, 90-minute and two-hour format. Choose a single workshop or combine them to form part of a comprehensive staff PD program.

Contact Carola or Paul at or on 046 88 911 00

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